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HoD - Fluid Nightmare

A close up crop from a panel in my upcoming graphic novel, "Haunter of Dreams" and its fluid embodiment of nightmarish dreamscapes. The Crow Eater is getting lots of good screentime in there. ;)
HoD is still going strong! Soon, I'll be entering end spurt time, and there are so many stories about the making of to share with you too.
Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to setting up my Patreon yet. With a timetable packed so badly, I can't even find time to spend with my family or friends. Luckily, everyone is understanding and very supportive, knowing that I'm pushing through to accomplish this project too. :)
I hope you had a lovely beginning of autumn and a fun Halloween!

All Myre hardcovers are currently sold out! However, I'm planning to print a second run of Myre soon. If you are interested in getting a copy in the future, you can sign up for my newsletter on my website at: by entering your e-mail address right below the hardcover item.
See you soon